My name is Jaime Leigh. I’m a photographic artist based in Denver, Colorado. Jaime Leigh Photography is my portrait business. Through Your Window - Is my Window Photo Art business.

It's important for me to share with others what I see. A vital part of learning, growing and transforming is through my vision. Whether it be a child's portrait or a photograph of an old rusty truck, every subject has a story to tell and every subject matters. 

As time evolves and I stare at the world around me, I can’t help but want to make pictures. Everyday life happens so quickly and the moments throughout the day deserve to be documented. Through my journey of life, I’ve been blessed to travel with my camera. Being able to document people, places and other cultures has opened my mind, my eyes and changed my heart. 

There are many expressions behind the camera… beautiful, simple, unexpected, complex, baffling, calming, outrageous, sad, happy, ugly, terrifying, romantic, sweet and humorous. Although temporary and sometimes fleeting, these emotions and feelings recorded on camera are called life. Moments in time that will forever stand still.

To be allowed in the space of other people with a camera, share their celebration, and document a certain time in their life, is truly an honor. The human connection behind the camera makes my heart see deeply. Being present and seeing the essence of a subject is when I am totally in love with my job.

Enjoy the moments,

Jaime Leigh


Jaime Leigh

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