Hi Sunshine,

My name is Jaime Leigh! I am a 46-year-old photographic artist based in Lone Tree, Colorado. In 2000, I graduated from MSU Denver with a BA in Photojournalism. As a business owner and photographer for over 20 years, I still love my craft and enjoy learning more daily. Photography, art, portraits, travel and documenting life with a camera is my job, but also my passion and I am grateful for this gift.

It's important for me to share with others what I see. A vital part of learning, growing and transforming is through my vision. Whether it be a high school senior or an old truck, every subject has a story to tell and every subject matters. 

As time evolves and I stare at the world around me, I can’t help but want to make pictures. Everyday life happens so quickly and the moments throughout the day deserve to be documented. Through my journey of life, I’ve been blessed to travel with my camera. Being able to document people, places and other cultures has opened my mind, my eyes and changed my heart. 

Genuine expressions in front of the camera are dynamic captures; they reveal the feelings of being human. Although fleeting, emotions recorded on camera are called life. Moments in time that will forever stand still.

To be allowed in the space of others, share their celebration, and document a certain time in their life, is truly an honor. The camera is a delightful way to connect with people and makes my heart see deeply. Being present and seeing the essence of a subject is when I am totally in love with my job.

I look forward to getting to know you more too!

Enjoy the moments,

Jaime Leigh

Get to Know Me

When I'm not making portraits, editing or doing a million things business owners do (!!!), my life is never a dull moment! Here are some of my favorite things...

Travel ~ everywhere and anywhere! Road trips are mostly my favorite because I discover many treasures while traveling by car. New Mexico is my happy place.

Donuts ~ let me tell you all the best places to get your donuts in Colorado!

Creating ~ making and selling art for my other business: throughyourwindow.com You'll find me in Vail every Sunday from June 16 to October 6 at the Vail Farmers' Market & Art Show!

Eating ~ fried chicken is a favorite! I am a foodie at heart and I love trying new places.


Making dance videos with my niece, Casey!

When Casey was little I called her Ladybug. We've shortened it since, and now I call her Bug. 

We started making dance videos years ago when Musical.ly was around... and now she is headed off to college in the fall!

See below for a few ditties when we were both younger, lol!!

More Dancin'

You're the best Casey!

Always proud of you. 

Love, Aunt JJ

Shout Out to High School Seniors!

A favorite part of my job is photographing so many wonderful, smart, talented and funny high school seniors. I absolutely love meeting them, sharing time and photographing their personality. Truly a treasure.

Ice cream after the photos! Well earned!

Downtown Denver - always a fun time and she had a great twirly dress. I love the twirl!

He brought his viola and played it while we were shooting. I was so glad. We had the best summer night with light. I love Colorado summer evenings!

Bring your dog! Awe he was so cute and we had a great time!

Thank You!

To all my clients, families, parents, kids, students, educators, business professionals, couples and friends that I've photographed... I am grateful for you because without you, we wouldn't have such magical memories!


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