Portrait Wall Art

Enjoying your portraits after the photo session is a gratifying part of the experience.

Once the photographs are genuinely printed, they create a more ‘real’ nature; a distinct beautiful feeling when viewed physically rather than on a screen. Whether it’s a desk frame or wall art, tangible images are timeless and cherished for life, by you and your family.

Jaime Leigh offers a few different ways to display your portraits: Framed Prints (classic favorite), Wood Prints (natural & warm) and Canvas Prints (perfectly textured). Each style creates unique charm in your space and with different sizes available, there is always room on your home or office walls.

We will meet to look at your walls and come up with a design that fits your space. Then discuss which format best suits your style and the pricing for each piece, or a grouping. I'm happy to create custom wall art collections fit to your needs. (If you already know the sizing you want, great! - Contact me for more information & pricing). 

High-quality, color and longevity of your photographic products are important and hold value, especially after you’ve invested the time and money to have portraits made. You will be glad you had your prints and products professionally crafted through my services, guaranteed.

Let's create something wonderful to adorn your walls!


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